Court ruling expected soon on impaired driving licence suspensions

A decision is expected any day now on the constitutional challenges with Alberta's impaired driving laws.

Matt Woodley is one of 3 lawyers whose been advocating for a change in the new impaired laws, specifically the law which takes away the driver's licence from an impaired driver even before they've had a trial.

Woodley tells us why he feels the new law put into effect in 2012 violates citizens charter rights.

"For some individuals that means that their licence would be suspended for longer than a year simply waiting for those charges to be heard in court and from our perspective that was a significant impairment on their charter rights" says Woodley.

The arguments for the case were heard a year ago and Woodley says the ruling will set a precedence when it comes to impaired driving laws in the province.

Another law which came into effect in 2012 states that drivers who blow over .08 will have their licence suspended immediately which according to Woodley could take the drivers as long as 18 months before they can try and prove their innocence.