Trial set in case of impaired driving causing death

A trial begins Monday for a man accused of impaired driving causing death, in connection with an incident that took place two years ago.

Jonathan Pratt is accused of killing three young men, Brad Arsenault, Kole Novak and Thad Lake near Beaumont in 2011.

Pratt is being charged with 3 counts each of impaired operation causing death, driving while over the legal blood alcohol limit causing death and manslaughter.

Sheri Arsenault, Brad's mother tells Global News that what she really wants, is for this to never happen again.

"For me, the most powerful legacy that I can leave behind for Bradley, would be to save lives and spare everybody and anybody from having to go through this," says Arsenault.

Arsenault also wants to see a 5 year mandatory minimum sentence for impaired driving causing death.

"It's the number one leading cause of criminal death in Canada, and yet it doesn't have a mandatory minimum," explains Arenault, "we're petitioning for a 5 year mandatory minimum for this crime."

The trial is scheduled to begin Monday morning at 10.