Everything on the table as province looks to change drunk driving laws

Alberta will rejig drunk driving laws in the spring, and the government is keeping all options on the table.

According to Transportation Ministry spokeswoman Julie MacIsaac, government and the department are still talking to key stakeholder groups, including police, but have yet to develop policy options.

That will come later this year.

Any changes must be given the thumbs up by cabinet.

The province passed changes to drunk driving laws in November, under Bill 29.

Those additions largely spelled out rules around driving while stoned ahead of cannabis legalization July 1, and expanded zero tolerance for drivers in the Graduated Driver Licensing program.

The bill also introduced an immediate 90 day licence suspension for drivers charged with drunk driving, followed by participation in a one year provincial ignition interlock program.

That change replaced the previous sanction that suspended a driver's licence until the outcome of criminal court proceedings. It comes into effect Feb. 1.

The cannabis related amendments will become law when the federal government has it's legislation in place.

MacIsaac said any changes to Alberta's Traffic Safety Act will be made with public safety in mind.

More than 1,000 people died and 15,000 were injured in Alberta as a result of impaired driving between 2006 and 2015.

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