Drunk Driver Loses After Police Chase

No one was injured when a drunk driver fleeing from police crashed his van in the parking lot of a southeast Edmonton shopping centre.

Not one, not two but all four tires were knocked off a getaway van at the end of a police pursuit early today. The driver attracted police attention when they watched him run a red light and bounce his older van off a curb on Argyll Road. He fled in a futile bid to shake the police. He made it to 76th Street and 38th Avenue when a guard rail on the north side of Millbourne Mall jumped out in front of the van. The impact flattened all the tires so the man tried to run away.

Air One watched from above as patrol officers assisted by an EPS K-9 team grabbed the man after a short foot chase. He's charged with hit and run, dangerous driving, impaired driving and criminal flight from police.