Drunk Man, Drunk Woman, Mix in Police & Add Impaired Charges

For slobbering drunks who selfishly drink and drive, the only thing better than not spending the night in a trauma centre or the morgue is waking up with a hangover in police cells. Like breakfast, sympathy is served cold too because you should have known better.

Let me explain:

If you drink and drive don't crash into a parked car. If you crash into a parked car anyway make sure it isn't a fully marked Edmonton Police patrol car with flashers on. A man who ignored this advice is facing impaired driving charges after crunching a cruiser near 149th Street and 90th Avenue after midnight. No injuries, but his Christmas won't be as merry.

A 31-year old woman is facing a similar life lesson after her speeding car cut off a cruiser with wig wags working on the way to a call in north Edmonton. She took off, police quickly cancelled a chase because she sped up until the getaway car crashed into another vehicle at 167th Avenue and 82nd Street. Impaired charges pending but thankfully no one was hurt.