Three semi drivers pulled over for impaired driving

A disturbing couple of days for RCMP north of Calgary, as they had to pull over three truckers for impaired driving in a four day stretch earlier this month.

The first incident happened February 8th, where an Ontario man was pulled over after having some difficulties navigating through the Balzac weigh scales.

On the 11th, a concerned citizen called, saying two semi drivers were seen drinking booze at a local truck stop, and then hopped in their rigs.

The two drivers, one from Vancouver and the other from Calgary, were eventually pulled over.

Corporal Darrin Turnbull says this kind of behaviour can have horrible consequences.

"Tragically we've seen it in the past where commercial vehicles do get involved in collisions where alcohol has been involved," he says. "Thankfully on these three occasions we were able to intercept and get these drivers off the road."

Turnbull adds 99% of semi drivers abide by the rules of the road.