RCMP setting up impaired driving check stops across country Friday

RCMP officers will be out Friday in an effort to crackdown on impaired driving.

It's part of the National Impaired Driving Strategy, with Mounties across Canada participating.

RCMP Superintendent Howard Eaton explains what we could see here in Alberta.

"In Alberta, we are going to have as many of the RCMP units out as possible across the province, that's traffic services and detachments. They will be doing check stops and patrols in areas where incidents of impaired driving have been historically higher."

Eaton added that they aim to have an officer at each stop who can positively identify high drivers as well.

"We are going to try to make sure that the check stops have somebody around that has that skill set. They can run the person through a series of tests, like body movement and eye movement tests that they can look at and determine if the person is intoxicated."

Friday's operation is one of several already this year, with more planned in the future.

According to police records, approximately 800 people die each year from alcohol related crashes, compared to 543 people dying in 2012 by homicide.