Edmonton Crown prosecutor pleads guilty to drunk driving

by Tony Blais

An Edmonton Crown prosecutor admitted in court Thursday to driving while drunk.

Jodie Currie, 37, pleaded guilty in provincial court to driving with a blood alcohol level over .08.

Court heard police received reports of a suspected impaired driver "bouncing off the curbs" while southbound on Calgary Trail near 51 Avenue on Jan. 29 about 11:15 p.m. Currie was arrested about 10 minutes later.

Defence lawyer Dane Bullerwell told a Calgary judge and a prosecutor from Saskatchewan, who both appeared by closed circuit television, that Currie would be seeking a curative discharge. A hearing was scheduled for July 5.

Curative discharges typically result in convictions not being entered if the offender successfully completes a period of probation consisting of participation in an alcohol or drug treatment program.

To qualify for a curative discharge, an offender must provide evidence of a history of alcohol or drug dependency.

Currie is currently on leave from his job.

Out of town judges and prosecutors are used in cases where offenders typically appear in court on a professional level, such as lawyers and police officers, so there is no suggestion of a conflict of interest.