Brewers launch program to raise awareness of dangers of drinking and driving

iNews880, September 18, 2015

Canada’s beer producers are looking to band together to bring more awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving.

They have launched the program Partners for Safer Communities, which aims to not only reduce drinking and driving numbers but also preventing underage drinking.

Jeff Ryan with Labatt Breweries of Canada explains what the program is about.

“We’re going to a number of different restaurants and bars in Edmonton, and across Canada, and we are asking consumers to take a pledge to not drink and drive. Every time they take that pledge, we will make a donation to a charity, which is called Change the Conversation, on their behalf.

Ryan adds that brewers have been fighting impaired driving for years, but this year they’re partnering up.

“32 brewers across Canada will take part in this exercise, where we will be visiting over 2,500 different accounts across Canada. The idea really came to us thinking, ‘hey, there’s strength in numbers here, there’s no shortage of responsible messaging that can be achieved, so why not work together, pool our resources, and do it as one big team.’”

Ryan says that while most Canadians abide by the law, it’s the others that will be targeted.

“We know, through Stats Canada, that 85% of Canadians follow the safe drinking guidelines that that Health Canada has established, it’s the other 15% that we really need to go after. Our hope is that people will understand even more than they already do, that there are risks associated, that they need to make a plan when they drink alcohol, and to not drink and drive.”

The beer industry has contributed close to 200 million dollars over 35 years to help bring an end to impaired driving.

Members from 32 breweries, including Labatts, Sleeman, and Molson Coors are a part of Partners for Safer Communities.

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