Latest Curb the Danger stats released

iNews880, September 04, 2015

As we head into a long weekend, police are releasing the latest numbers in the Curb the Danger program, likely to remind drivers that you are watching from intoxicated Edmontonians on the roads.

The Edmonton Police Service says this year alone they have issued 218 licence suspensions and arrested 461 alleged impaired drivers.

This year there have already been 6,437 calls to 911 to report a suspected intoxicated driver.

Since the program began back in October 2006, there have been 77,566 calls to 911 to report an impaired driver. Those calls have led to 2,379 licence suspensions and 7,140 impaired arrests.

Curb the Danger asks you to call 911 if you spot a suspected impaired driver on the road. The call can even be made while driving as police say that is the exemption to the distracted driving law.

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