Don't mess with Cabs, the Police, losing your License, parking lot Vandals, or much much worse! Drivers with every class of license are just minutes away from you!

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DD's On Site!™ is in our 3rd year of Service!

Part of the reason your family or friends made it home safely in their vehicles the other night was because our 'On-Call' drivers drop what they're doing when the phone rings and dash into cold, rain, snow, ice, sleet and the dark of night to save lives!

It takes real community values and a strong sense of civic duty to do this type of work. Thank you for generously supporting the men and women at DDSOS.CA who give you the safest, and most affordable 'white glove' service that you can ONLY find in a locally grown and operated company.

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Brewers launch program to raise awareness of dangers of drinking and driving 18.09.15-21:24

Ontario family sues after Alberta drunk driving death 11.09.15-15:03

Latest Curb the Danger stats released 04.09.15-23:45

St. Albert man facing two counts of Impaired Driving after pedestrian struck 04.09.15-23:35

Woman pleads guilty to impaired driving causing death in 2014 Kingsway Avenue crash 17.08.15-06:58

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